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About Me

I started drawing when I a kid and continued to do it sporadically throughout my teenage years. When I went to college everyone assumed I would be studying art, but I chose film. I didn’t want my hobby to become my job and take all the fun out of it. Instead I studied film and have done nothing with my degree.

As I got older I realized more and more that drawing and writing were more than just hobbies to me, they were my passions.
I started receiving commissions from my family and friends for my posterized paintings. Which led to their friends and family wanting commissions, and eventually it grew into a side business.

While I love producing the posterized paintings, I’ve recently headed back to my first love of drawing. I was really inspired to start creating life size drawings, and to begin I decided to do a collection of large drawings based around individuals who are from Oakland, CA. These include broadway stars, poets, actors, rappers, and more.

Enough about the art, more about me. I’m from California and I currently live in Nashville, TN. I work as VP of a marketing firm full time, and I write and draw on the side. I have a psychotic german shepherd, who is naughtier than hell, but I’m still obsessed with. I fangirl over Star Wars and horror movies and I absolutely love to read. I’m a music junky and spend way too much time watching Netflix. I’m a Christian, and probably a poor example of one, but I try to live a life that would help inspire people. I try my best to get involved in charities and awareness events, one of them that is close to my heart is the Spencer Bell Legacy – check it out and enjoy his incredible music.

Visit my writing page and see my articles, or visit my art page and shop around my stylized paintings or my life size drawings.

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