I chose this one as the second image that I decided to paint because I thought, this one will be easy and quick.

WRONG. Like Donald Trump yelling wrong.

I thought it had larger pieces, rather than a bunch of small areas, to paint so I could get it done fairly quickly. Nope. It ended up having two shades of gray, plus the black and white, rather than just the three shades that the previous one had been. While the wings were a large area of one shade, there were a lot of little pieces that were paintings within it. Which made it harder to paint around cleanly – without the paint drying in an area and then restarting it leaving that weird marking.

So anyway, I actually got this done pretty quickly while I listened to a couple audiobooks, because that’s been my think lately. Painting and listening to audiobooks. It’s been nice, especially since I usually do an A-Z book challenge each year and this year I didn’t even outline any. I honestly wasn’t planning on doing it, but finally decided to. But that is a blog for another day.

So I finally got this sucker done, which was nice because it actually was kind of a pain, and then I got a bad migraine at the end of it. Luckily I finished it and then just laid in the dark for like 6 hours, not making any progress on my other piece.

I need to get these four angel paintings done ASAP so that I can get the rest of my Rise Series done. By the time this blog posts I will have already finished them and submitted them to a gallery to see if they get selected, but in real time, I have less than ten days to finish them because I am heading back to Utah for two weeks and the submission deadline happens during my travels.

So four angel paintings need to be done by tomorrow, three other Rise paintings need to be done in less than ten days, and I need to start working on my novel. Or continue working on it.

This blog basically has nothing to do with the second angel painting and I’m just rambling but oh well. Enjoy.

Angel Painting 2
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