In my last post about these angel paintings, I mention that I chose the second one because I thought it would be quick and easy, and I was wrong. Sure it was incredibly difficult, but I thought it was be way simpler than it ended up being. I actually chose it over this angel painting because of that reason.

How wrong I was.

I actually finished this painting in nearly one sitting. A morning sitting. Like, before 9am when I head into my office to do some marketing for the next 8 or 9 hours.

The weird thing about these paintings, and I guess all the posterized paintings I do, is that they kind of look garbage-y up close, but when they are framed on a wall, they look pretty cool. But I guess that’s not weird or surprising, I mean, that’s the whole point of them. I suppose it just always surprises me.

When you’re painting, or at least, when I am, I sit really close to the paper, I hover over it. I’m really all up in it’s bidnezz. So I see all the flaws all the messiness. But when I step back to take pictures, it actually looks pretty cool.


I always think when I post pictures on here they look the way that I see them. A bit messy. Like you’re not really SEEING how they truly look once they are framed and on a wall. It’s a bit like a Monet (I mean this in the most humble way ever, because I ain’t no master). Really messy up close, but really great from far away.

So anyway. This painting is the one I thought would be the problem piece and it turns out it’s was the easiest, and possibly my favorite of the series.

I guess the moral is that you can plan and plan or make your assumptions and then your plan can go to shit and your assumptions can be wildly wrong. So ya know, just go with the flow, just do you.

Angel Painting 3
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