Look, it’s no secret that I love Daveed Diggs. Why do I love Daveed Diggs? Well for starters he’s from Oakland. Not only is he from Oakland he’s like, FROM Oakland; he loves his town and reps it constantly. He also raps like a madman. He was in Hamilton and he killed it. And he also follows me on Instagram. I love Daveed Diggs because he’s just an all around awesome dude (from my little experience).

Now, he’s got a best friend, Rafael Casal. Who is also like INSANELY┬átalented. I’m telling you, the people that come out of Oakland are just incredible. I feel like the bay area encourages art a lot more than other places, and maybe that’s why so much talents gets brewed up there. Or maybe not, I don’t know. But anyway. The two of them have been working on this movie script for like ten years. They finally made it and it has been

getting a crazy amount of buzz.

I can’t escape the promos, I can’t escape the trailer. I can’t escape the fact that I know people who actually got to see it at Sundance.

So because I couldn’t escape it and I was DYING to see it. I decided to do the next best thing and simply paint Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal. So I did.

I do worry that at some point my house will just be covered with Daveed Diggs art and that would be weird and embarrassing. But honestly I just couldn’t get Blindspotting out of my head so I had to do something “productive.”

And it turns out that Rafael Casal is pretty fun to paint. He’s got a lot of awesome pictures online so I’m probably gonna use him a bit more.

Basically Oakland is amazing. These two are talented. The End.

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