Where do I even begin?

Well it’s been super rainy here; I’m talking non-stop rain for like 4 days. Non-stop pouring. But hey, I live in the south and it’s Spring so what can I expect?

Anyway, since there hasn’t been much reason for me to go outside except to let my dog out, I have been locked away, eating tacos and painting. I started doing these new paintings on plywood and particle board, and they’re pretty fun. 

I love drawing, and I do enjoy my posterized paintings, but I was never in love with them. But these, I finally feel like I’ve found my niche. Granted I still wanna keep drawing because I just really like large drawings really powerful and dynamic. But whatever, that’s beside the point.

These paintings have been super fun and I’ve been cruising through them. Like 8 paintings done over the weekend. So Monday rolls around and it’s still pouring all morning. I do my usual day at the “office” and then I’m like wow it’s turned into a nice day. It cleared up, it’s not too hot, maybe I should go for a run? And then I think, well it’s still a bit muggy and everything is still wet, which means if I run with my dog he’ll come back sopping and that’s not really fun. So I’ll go tomorrow. I know the weather is gonna be nice the rest of the week.

So I decide to stay home, have a glass of wine, and paint some more. Because I have been painting so much I went and got 4 boards from Home Depot and had them cut them for me. So I have about 18 boards stacked up around my house. These particle boards that I’m using are 3/4 inch thick and about 2×3 feet. And they weight 17 lbs. Yes, I’ve weighed them.

Well I had two leaned up against the wall in my hall. And I was heading to rinse out a paintbrush and caught my pinky toe on the two boards. They did not move. My toe went 90 degrees.

I basically was doing that Peter Griffin gif. So of course my dog was like HEY WHAT’S GOING ON LETMME HELP BY BITING YOU!

And then my phone goes off and my dad’s calling. So I’m in more pain than I’ve felt in…I’m not even sure how long, I even think I might have fractured some of the bones in my foot that connect to it. It’s bleeding. It’s a mess.

So I tell my dad I just broke my toe, and he just starts into conversation like nothing has happened. We talk for about 20 minutes and I’m in agonizing pain the whole time. So much pain I couldn’t sleep that night.

So yeah, my new, super fun art that I’m just pumping out like a mad man crippled me. And now it’s Friday and I’ve been told it should have only hurt for the first day or two, but here I am, four days later and it’s still killing me. So I probably hurt myself more than I realized.

Anyway. Don’t kick boards. It’s not great.

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