I swear every six months I change my style of art. I want to do posterized paintings, I want to do life size drawings, now I’m painting on plywood. What am I doing? At least you get to watch my slow descent into mania.

So here’s where this idea came from.

I show my stuff at a local art crawl every month (well I’ve done it once, but I plan to do it pretty much every month). And there used to be an artist at the building and he left a piece behind. It’s this white painted plywood that he sketched charcoal over. And it was rad. Every time I walked by it I thought

how genius it was. It’s a rough sketch, so there’s no shading, things don’t look super realistic, and the size is of course awesome. But the best thing is simply how sort of rustic it looks, but also like something you would see leaning up in some incredible million dollar loft with views of the city. I liked that you didn’t have to frame anything, that you can just lean it against the wall and due to the size, it looks amazing. I liked the idea that you could cut the wood into smaller pieces and simply screw them into the wall rather than frame them and hang it.

I just really liked the idea of these. And every time I walked by this piece I thought, I could do that. And I would LOVE doing that.

So cut to me at Home Depot getting all sorts of different boards, plywood, particle board, pressed board or whatever it is. Who knows. And I started messing around with different paint on them, and then charcoal. Which I realized….sucks. Charcoal SUCKS on these.

So I simply painted over my charcoal sketches on them and was like okay these are better. And from that I just started practicing different looks and subjects and really trying to get a grasp on what works for me and what doesn’t.

I now have a million paintings hanging around my house and I can’t stop making them. I’m having so much fun. I’ve found about a million different reference pictures. Which I sketch up on paper, and then paint on the boards. It’s been a lot of fun figuring out the best paint to use, how to seal them, what types of images to paint on them.

And I’ve had a LOT of interest in them. I’ve never gotten a response to anything I’ve done quite like this. So check them out. And if you’re an artist or a creative at all, just know it’s taken me like YEARS doing what I love before I feel like I’ve REALLY found something that speaks to me. Keep going, keep working at it, keep experimenting.

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