Okay, where do I even start with this?

For the record, I imagine my book writing is much better than my blog writing. Since my blog writing is a mess. I use passive voice almost exclusively and I tend to just ramble on about nothing, hopefully I don’t do that when writing a book.

So a few years ago I was driving home from California and this book idea came to me sort of out of the blue. Now I’m always working on books, but they typically end up being a few chapters and then I get distracted by other things, and I usually have no idea where the story is going. Usually just have an idea for a specific scene and get that going.

But when I was driving home to Utah from a visit in LA this idea came to me, and then it just expanded more and more as I drove. So I decided to voice note it to myself. Literally chapter by chapter came to me for a complete book trilogy. I have no idea where it came from, but I was excited.

When I got home, a few weeks later I decided to write down the ideas on paper so I had a better outline that I could actually see. It took FOREVER and several sittings before I had two books outlined.

I never got to the third. And then months later my phone died. Like just straight up died out of nowhere, and I lost the third book outline. Luckily I have a vague idea of what needs to happen, but it still bums me out because I had a good 20 chapters outlined and a nice conclusion. I don’t now.

Well I decided to actually work on this trilogy because I think it’s actually a good, fun idea, that I haven’t seen done yet. I saw a book that sort of took a similar concept that I had, but it’s not the same and the plot definitely isn’t.

I was really struggling with chapter 1. In fact, I had a plan for chapter 1 and started writing it and then realized that my original plan was supposed to span three chapters, rather than just one. So now I knew I didn’t have enough content to make it three chapters and I was kind of hitting a road block. So rather than stress about that section, I skipped to chapter 5, which will now be chapter 3.

I wrote chapter 5 and then worked backward and wrote chapter 4. With that I knew where I needed to take chapter 1 to get to chapter 4, which is now 2. Wow this is confusing.

I’m trying to make each of these chapters 5,000 words. Which is a lot for a chapter, they typically run about 2500 to 3500 words. But I know I can always tweak where the chapters start or stop. Maybe instead of 20 chapters I really end up with 75 or something. Where a chapter starts and stops is the least of my worries. My main concern is just making sure I get enough detail in each event to create a compelling story. So this is how I’ve broken it down.

And it’s been fun. But I was also supposed to finish chapter 1 last weekend and I didn’t. And now I’ve been working on these angel paintings and trying to finish my Rise series so I haven’t worked on it. I just want to finish the 2000 words that I have left this weekend and then refine it. Then I would like to grab a beta reader or three and just hear what they have to say. If it’s compelling so far, if they like the characters and the plot? Is it worth going on? Or do I need to make some large changes now before I get too far in.

I mean by this time it will be about 15,000 words. That’s a decent amount of reading and if it’s not compelling by then, no one is going to finish this book.

So, this weekend, I have to write just 2000 words, it should be easy. And if I don’t I owe my friend Megan $10. It’s the deal we’ve made. She’s really scary.

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