It has been a while since I’ve posted. Let’s talk about RAW Nashville!

A few weeks ago someone found me on Instagram and reached out to me via email about participating in RAW Artists.

I’ve never done any kind of expo or festival so I decided it would be good practice and a fun opportunity. So I signed up! Now the showing is tomorrow and I’ve had one of the craziest months with work so it’s been a lot of things happening all at once.

I have about 20 stylized paintings on particle board that I would like to show – but the problem is that I just have a tiny space to work in, and on top of that, these are big heavy boards so they aren’t easily displayed.

So I’ve been trying to make some paper pieces as well (weirdly enough I have about 50 drawings stashed away somewhere that I wanted to use for this, but OF COURSE I cannot locate them. My house isn’t THAT big so I don’t understand where they could be hiding.

So getting everything in place has been rough. I have been needing to make business cards but have been slow doing it, so I had to do that. I had to make sure all of my paintings were sealed and signed. I had to make sure I had payment options ready, apps, cash, all of that. I needed an email list and tables and hooks and lights and UGGGGHHHHH. Plus I had to figure out what to do with my dog because he can’t be locked up alone for like 12 hours, he would destroy the house.

Well, I think I finally have most of it ready to go.

So tomorrow, I’ll start my day with work, and then head to Nashville and set up. Then I’ll have to blog again after to talk about how the experience actually was.

After I attend this event I get a free event within the next year. So maybe I’ll do Nashville again. Maybe I’ll take the time to actually travel somewhere else. We’ll see!

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