“The Town”

Oakland, CA Art

“The Broadway Star”

Daveed Diggs is an Oakland, CA native that rose to extreme popularity with the musical Hamilton. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him perform that masterpiece and it was worth every single penny. He’s an actor, rapper, producer, and all around badass who reps Oakland any chance he can. He stays true to his roots and lifts up those in the community, as well as stays loyal to old hometown friends.

“The Poet”

Chinaka Hodge is, in my opinion, the most underrated creator out there. She’s dope. You can hear her rapping alongside Daveed Diggs as well as Watsky. She works at an art center, and she also writes incredible poetry. If you haven’t heard of Dated Emcees, you have now, and you have zero excuse not to grab yourself a copy.

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